The Sparkle Greece network is identified as Aegean Network and comprises a portion of Sparkle’s Mediterranean Submarine Network.

Specifically, the Aegean network has three landing points - Aghia Marina, Vravrona and Chania - and two landing stations in Koropi and Chania, Crete. In a ring configuration, the backbone is fully protected and with a guaranteed availability of 99,99%.

In the area of Attica, the Koropi landing station is interconnected with the Metamorphosis Data Center through a double routing fiber-optic connection. Our Metamorphosis, Koropi and Chania Data Centers comprise the perfectly monitored facilities where our clients can co-locate their IT and telecommunications equipment.



The bandwidth services we offer are:

•  Unprotected point to point capacity
Lambda 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps wavelength

•  End to end Bandwidth products
MedNautilus offers managed bandwidth - monitored and controlled by our NOC (Network Operations Center) in Catania and our LOCs (Local Operations Centers) in Athens and Haifa on a 24X7 basis - from customer site at a-end to customer site at b-end. 

•  Protected point to point capacity
E1, E3, DS-3, STM-1, STM-4c, STM-16c, 1xGbps, etc

•  Network Performance backed by SLA
Targets are set against delivery and availability of managed bandwidth services backed up by credits.